Joint Seminars with Strategic Partners

There are many aspects of asset management which cannot be understood simply by keeping up with daily news and browsing the internet. That is why NWB periodically hosts variety of seminars to keep our customers up-to-date on continuously evolving financial markets.

Providing Information on Asset Management, Investment Data and Asset Inheritance

NWB periodically hosts seminars related to various topics about asset management. In addition to hosting exclusive seminars on its own, NWB also hosts joint seminars with strategic partners in Hong Kong. Through cooperation with strategic partners, NWB provides timely and noteworthy information from Hong Kong in an easy-to-understand format.


An Example of a Strategic Partner: Convoy Financial Holdings Limited

Founded in 1993, Convoy Financial is a multilateral financial navigator based in Hong Kong which is listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. As a leader in IFA with asset management, Convoy Financial Holdings Limited provides a platform for approximately 2,000 independent financial advisors (as of December 31st, 2013).

Convoy Financial Holdings Limited Website


Cooperation between Convoy Financial Holdings Limited and NWB

Convoy Financial Holdings Limited is the fifth-largest shareholder of NWB, with an ownership share of 7.92% as of December 2014. In addition to being a major shareholder of NWB, Convoy Financial Holdings Limited also possesses a powerful financial platform. Through this cooperation, NWB will continue to further enhance its products and services lineup to meet the customers' needs.